Contractual Relationship

The user must assign EGTrade as his agent, whose duty is to follow up with all the transactions of Shopping Online, in addition to the customs clearance operations, and paying all customs dues and taxes to the taxes and customs authorities concerning the clients' purchases performed through EGTrade’s platform and after attaining all the needed approvals (e.g., Ministry of Communications or the Ministry of Health…etc.).

- Participation & Registration

The employed customer acknowledges his legal capacity to contract and act and that he has no impediments or symptoms of eligibility.

Customers can only own one registered account and EGTrade has the right to suspend multiple or duplicated accounts established for any one client.

has the right to verify the fidelity of the clients' information. The client must endorse the fidelity of the information he/she provided on EGTrade website during the registration process.

has the right to ask for a copy of all the formal transcripts and documents (National ID, Passport, and driving license) when needed, to finalize the purchase operation. Such documents are considered confidential and cannot be transferred or seen by third parties except the official government agencies.

EGTrade has the right to suspend and not activate any client's account if there was a delay in receiving any formal documents needed and also to cancel the order/’s related to this account.


A client has registered for more than one account

A client has not provided EGTrade with the needed formal transcripts

The non-fidelity of the client's registered information

A client's registration name is different from that in his national ID; in this case, a fine with an amount of L.E. 1000 is applied

EGTrade has the right to suspend the user's account without any objection or refer the user in case of violating any of EGTrade’s policies.


- Product Ordering

The client has complete responsibility of assuring that all the order specifications are accurate including the colour, size, and model according to the details provided by the seller. EGTrade's own responsibility is restricted to finalizing the purchase transaction, delivery, and customs clearance and has nothing to do with the specifications of the purchased product.

- The International & Domestic Shipping Fees.

- The prices advertised on EGTrade website or social media pages are approximate.

- The weight mentioned on the seller's site may be an approximation and may not be exact. Such an issue falls under the seller's responsibility and EGTrade has nothing to do with this issue. Hypothetically, the international shipping weight is determined when the order arrives at our office in Cairo.


- The client will be notified of the final price charged by email, after finalizing the entire review process, and if there are any changes in the pricing previously estimated. EGTrade revises the clients' orders within 1-3 working hours and purchases the order’s within 1-3 Working Hours after the client’s payment, according to the type of payment methods used.

(Minimum 100-gram and Multiplication Separated Weight Per Item)

EX: (Item Weight 70 gram - It’ll Be Weighted And Counted As 100 gram)

- The Domestic Shipping Fees are being added to your order after the review process, it is compulsory expenses that EGTrade has no hand in and It’s being applied by the seller.

- EGTrade Discounts & Coupons

- Discounted coupons are valid only once on their previously determined categories, no more than one coupon can be used for one purchase. Coupons are only used within the time frame provided.

- EGTrade
has the right to suspend any coupon without any responsibility.

- Coupons and offers are not redeemable for cash.

- There is no maximum limit of products that can be placed in any cart.


- Such amounts can be modified according to the Egyptian Customs Authority and the Egyptian Authorities Modifications.

- If the order requires approvals from specific authorities, the client's ID, in addition to any other necessary documents, must be delivered to finalize the purchase transaction. If the client's registration name is different from that in his national ID, a fine with an amount of LE1000 is applied.

- The maximum quantity of products that require approvals from the Ministry of Communications or the Ministry of Health or any other governmental authority such as mobile phones, supplements, Bluetooth devices, and wireless devices, is 2 Products per year/customer.

- If a car/motorcycle spare part is ordered, the client must, therefore, deliver his/her valid driving license. If the client's registration name is different from that in his national ID, a fine with an amount of LE 500 is applied.

- EGTrade Packages

- EGTrade Packages are on a monthly basis valid for 30 days from the subscription date.


- EGTrade has the right to edit and cancel any package without referring to the client.

In case of cancellation by the customers to a subscribed package and didn’t use any of its quota, The customer will be immediately refunded.


- In case of cancellation by the customer to a subscribed package that the customer has used any of its quota, The package cannot be refunded and the customer will lose the remaining quota.


- In case of changing to a new package rather than his current package, The customer can easily do that only if he didn’t use any of the package quota and he’ll be refunded with the package price then he can subscribe to his desired package.


- In case of changing to a new package after any usage of his old package, EGTrade would allow that but the customer will lose the remaining quota and he cannot be refunded with any amount.

- Payment Methods

- Credit Card: The customer can pay through our trusted fully secured Credit Card gateway

Is not responsible for any refusal/rejection of any transaction by the customer bank in order to finalize the transaction.

Will never ask the customer to send his Credit Card Full Number or his CVV.

The Customer
Is fully responsible for any payment information provided by his side such as (Credit Card - Bank Transfer).

Has the right to refuse any Unsecured Payment Transaction and The company is committed to the CENTRAL BANK OF EGYPT Instructions.

- EGTrade Wallet:
Each registered customer on our website has an E-Virtual Wallet which he can use to pay orders through it, and it can be Pre-Charged Via (Credit Card) During Working Days Only

EGTrade doesn’t accept any CryptoCurrency or any Other Foreign Currencies, and payments are according to Egyptian law regulations. (EGTrade Accept Payments In Egyptian Pound Only)

- EGTrade's Responsibility

- EGTrade is not responsible for any delay from the seller that delivers your order to one of our offices abroad or its agents.

- Some product categories (e.g., make-up, mobile phones, supplements, Bluetooth devices, wireless devices, and others) may face delays during customs clearance; as a result, it may pass our estimated time of arrival، without any legal responsibility for EGTrade’s.

- If the client accepts to purchase any of the prohibited products on his/her own responsibility, and accordingly the product is held or rejected by the customs authorities, EGTrade will not be responsible for any loss, damage, delay, or customs clearance delay. Refund and Reorder terms and conditions will not be applicable in such cases as these all fall under the client's responsibility.


- EGTrade deals with a local intermediary (shipping companies) to deliver your orders, and these companies are responsible for their employees and representatives, not EGTrade company. However, EGTrade Company makes sure and monitors the quality of service provided to its clients by these companies.

- Once the order reaches our local office, it shall be stored, free of charge, for a period of up to 30 days. After 30 days, if such an order was not received by the client, it will be disposed of without any legal responsibility for the company.

Some products may arrive opened/unsealed due to customs clearance and checking process; in such cases, the client has no right to refund or return those products.

- EGTrade guarantees the shipping defaults only; therefore, it does not guarantee any physical or technical defects that return to the different electrical current (voltage).

- EGTrade does not guarantee the physical or technical condition of any used/refurbished item, even if it did not match the seller's description.

- In the case of receiving a physically damaged product(s) from the shipping company, the incident should be reported within 2 days starting from the delivery date (including regular and national holidays) in order to take the necessary procedures. If the reporting date passed the previously prescribed period, the Customer can not report the damage and no action will be taken by the company.

- If the order is received from our local office, it is recommended to do a regular check on product(s) physical condition, quantity, and all the components related, reporting any issue past leaving the office will not be considered.

- EGTrade is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from circumstances beyond our control. These include but are not limited to: natural disasters or acts of God; for example, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, storm, flood, fog; plane crash or embargo; war, riot, civil commotion or industrial action; epidemics or pandemics; power cuts, communications or other utility disruptions; governmental action or inaction; any defect or characteristic related to the nature of a shipment.

- Returns & Refunds

- EGTrade guarantees to deliver the items in the same condition prescribed by the seller.


- EGTrade is responsible for delivering the product with the exact specifications set when executing the order.


- If the client issues a return request, the seller will be contacted to discuss the possibility of returning the product. Return procedures will be carried, only if the seller approves such a transaction. In addition, return charges will be charged depending on the item's weight, dimension, and the seller's return charges. And government agencies approval for that.


- In case that the request to return any product is approved, the product must be in its original condition, and it must be returned within the period specified by the EGTrade company and you were notified of it. Otherwise, the product will not be returned

- Cosmetics & Supplements Cannot Be Returned

- The amounts will be refunded in the method with which the payment was executed. Credit card refunds can take from 7 to 14 Business Days. Such a process varies from one bank to another and the bank is totally responsible for such transactions and not the company.

The user declares that he is fully aware that the seller is responsible only for the products that have been returned after delivery to him and he has the right to accept or reject them without responsibility for EGTrade company.


Such Terms and Conditions may be modified without notifying the client.


Latest Update: 19. Jul.2022